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It is with great pleasure to write this note to voice my experience with All Pro Building Systems (the parent company of Before I decided to buy my cabin package from All Pro I had done a lot of research on the 'net from different companies around the globe. I found that All Pro's cabin packages had everything I was looking for.

Absolutely everyone I was dealing with in the company made me most welcome and was most helpful with any changes I wanted to make to the building plans and answered any questions I might have had. Everyone was very patient with me as it took me a couple of years to get the project on the go due to a labour shortage in recent years. Looking around on other building sites, I found that the materials used in my cabin package were of better quality that on some of those used on more expensive homes.

I would recommend this company to anyone without hesitation. My sincerest thanks to everyone at All Pro for your professionalism and kindness.

~ Franz


Thought you might enjoy seeing a couple pics of our cabin. While it's not totally finished yet, it is sealed up enough on the outside and warm enough on the inside for me to spend a few winter days and nights there working on it. The kit you guys supplied was great... the construction crew really liked the quality, and how easily it went together. I'm looking forward to getting the interior all done this spring!

~ Todd C., USA


This is just the most amazing process. Despite the technical difficulties with mine... (mostly related to choosing a design that has never been built, an artist concept & then changing it all 'round inside...) I have to give great praise to the engineered kit process. It's "instant" gratification with a good crew!

~ Khat


My husband has always had the dream of building his own home. When he felt it was the right time, he searched the internet and after much research found the website for All Pro Building Systems (parent compant of He was very impressed with the prices and designs and especially the very good customer service he received as he had many questions.

Today we are nearly complete in building our lovely home from ABS. We have received numerous comments on what a great design our home has, and how attractive the outside of the home is. My husband is very proud of the structure, the quality of the materials, and the weather-tested insulating quality (we have experienced weeks and weeks of -30 to -50 below temperatures in North Pole, Alaska).

We are thankful to All Pro for always being available to answer questions and deal with concerns. We recommend this system to each person we meet that is considering building a home. My husband says that he would build another if he had the chance!

~ Claudio & Theresa Gomes, Alaska, USA


I'm happy to share my experiences with All Pro. As a first time homebuilder acting as my own general contractor, it was very helpful to use the panelized system.

In the planning, budgeting phase, it was a great advantage to have the "set" material cost that All Pro can give. The take-off bids I was receiving for a regular stick-built house were all over the map. I felt very uncomfortable creating a budget until I started working with All Pro. Plus their price was unbeatable by any local lumber yard. Do make sure that your plans have been engineered by a reputable, local engineer who's familiar with the local codes and building practices.

I found the quality of materials to be standard or above standard. I had no problem finding a local framer to assemble the package (I'd be happy to give you his name and other contractors we'd recommend), and it did go together very fast. The framer had assembled other panelized homes from other panelized manufacturers, and unquestionably said that the All Pro product went together the best. Everyone who has seen our house has thought it looks like good quality construction. Larry and his team were very good to work with. They went out of their way to be helpful and satisfy any problem we had.

~ S. Welch, USA


Lynn and I would like to thank you so much for our new home. When we decided to build, we never thought that we would order a kit of any kind let alone one off the internet. It was the largest purchase we'd ever made online and, I have to admit, was very nervous about it.

Let me assure everyone that this was one of the best business transactions I have had the pleasure of being a part of; from the first day we talked until the project was completed. All schedules were met and the cabin was on-site the day it was promised.

I am not a professional builder but all the cabin parts were plainly marked and all the plans were clear... the kit went together like a dream. I can't say enough about all of the support as any calls, no matter how small, were handled within three to four hours.

Thanks again. If all businesses ran their companies the way that you do, the whole business world would be better off.

~ Marshall & Lynn Flurrey


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